About us

Who are we ? 

Founded by Reka Dobokay in 2020, Rendal is an independent womenswear brand based in Cardiff. Our company is a small, ethical clothing brand that focuses on 90s and Y2K fashion, with a modern twist. We believe in slowing fashion down and making high quality products out of more sustainable fabrics. We are constantly growing and are really grateful for the support we continuously receive from our customers!

How do we achieve ethicality and sustainably? 

All of our clothes are handmade in Cardiff by us. Everything is made to order so this does mean you’ll need to wait longer but we promise you it will be worth it! We ensure our team of seamstresses are paid fairly, well above the minimum wage.

As for sustainability, we look to mainly source deadstock fabrics from local small businesses who are looking to sell it on before sending it to landfill. Deadstock fabric is actually one of the most sustainable options, as the fabric we use has already been made; there is no extra energy or material needed to create it. We also use fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester. Our packaging is also biodegradable, meaning that there is no long-lasting waste.

We aim for a no waste policy, which is why everything is handmade as it does not support over-production. All Rendal garments are designed and handmade to order in Cardiff, Wales. We ship to over 55 countries across the world, and pride ourselves on our fantastic service.